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Apr 24

Be vulnerable

Hello dear friends. Here I am here for another week. This time, writing from a coffee shop in São Paulo next to a brother of the faith. I was telling you about how God was telling me a lot about vulnerability this week. And through a preaching by Myles Munroe... read more →
Apr 17
Apr 10
Apr 09
Apr 04
Mar 27
Mar 20
Mar 13

What is my mission as a Christian?

Talk about missions without imagining a Christian with a backpack and a worn out suit in an underdeveloped country is almost impossible for most people. The concept of missionary has been distorting itself over time. Christians today are even divided between those who "have called a missionary" and those who... read more →
Mar 07
Feb 28

Fasting: am I doing it right?

Our walk with Jesus Christ teaches us new things every day. Day after day we are learning new ways to live in communion with the Lord  ways of exercising our faith. There are three things that are essential in a Christian's everyday life. Bible reading, prayer and fasting. Of course,... read more →