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Sep 12
Sep 05
Aug 29
Aug 22
Aug 20

No more shame!

For those who do not know. Along with some texts I write for this blog, sometimes I make some more in-depth videos about the subjects posted and publish it on my Instagram profile. A few months ago, a follower shared one of these videos on his profile. With this, a... read more →
Aug 12
Aug 07

God is Father

Next Sunday carries the commemorative date of Father's Day here in Brazil (I'm a brazilian boy, if you didn't know yet). Trying to think outside the bubble where I live and trying to take my thinking to various realities, I understand that my conception of parenting is totally different from... read more →
Aug 01

How to read the Bible?

Many people ask me every day on my Instagram profile about how I read my Bible and what are the best ways to do it. Well, I'm not a pastor, much less a theologian. But I think I can go over some things that make it a little easier for... read more →
Jul 25

God is His Word

“In the beginning, the one who is the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God ” (John 1: 1) I love the times when I begin to reflect on this verse. It is at these times that I see God as inexplicable and of... read more →
Jul 18