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Oct 10

Be like a child

On October 12, we celebrate the children's day in Brazil. And while this date is really focused on children, I thought I'd bring to this blog a comment about a sermon from Jesus about the importance of being like them. The text is well known. Many people, however, take it... read more →
Oct 03
Sep 26

Do not give up!

The days have passed very fast. Sometimes I find myself wondering even if the earth has rotated faster than normal. See, we are already closing the month of September! (When I was younger it didn't seem like time ran as fast as it does today). Unlike other days, I will... read more →
Sep 19
Sep 12
Sep 05
Aug 29
Aug 22
Aug 20

No more shame!

For those who do not know. Along with some texts I write for this blog, sometimes I make some more in-depth videos about the subjects posted and publish it on my Instagram profile. A few months ago, a follower shared one of these videos on his profile. With this, a... read more →
Aug 12