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Jul 18
Jul 11
Jul 04

Living as children of God

Days ago I had the privilege of being invited to preach in a church whose denomination was totally different from what I am accustomed to. On this day, I felt God leading me to say something about identity. To be clearer, I began to meditate on how much the power... read more →
Jun 27

The True Happiness

Next Monday, I will complete a year in which I have firmly established myself in the ways of the Lord. Since then, I wanted to know him as intensely as possible. So I dedicated myself so much to having experiences with Him. In a year, I think I've grown a... read more →
Jun 13
Jun 06
May 30

True wealth

Last week, after a small meeting at my church, I gave a ride to some friends and was approached by two men. It was a robbery and they took my car and several things. This post, however, is not an outburst about crime or a whining about it. "God will... read more →
May 23

Don’t be a pharisee!

Certainly, one of the things I love the most. And what less should. It is debating biblical questions in discussions that will lead nowhere and no growth of my faith. After the last debate, however, at the moment I was asking God's forgiveness for not knowing how to keep silent.... read more →
May 16

Prayer and decision

Hello dear readers! Last week I told you one of my stories with God and how I came to stop here in this blog. Then I received in my Instagram several messages about the post "Where is your heart at?", through which I saw, through comments and testimonies, many people being... read more →
May 08