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Last Update: August 24th, 2023

Hello! How nice to count on your interest! Before using our services, take the time to read our Privacy Policy and know the rules that govern our relationship with you.

Below we will clarify some points that we consider important. If you have any doubts about any points discussed or not discussed in this document, or if you would like to make suggestions or report problems, please do not hesitate to contact us at: or


In this instrument, we understand the following expressions according to the following definitions:

MR ROCCO: MR ROCCO INTERNET LTDA, a legal entity of private law enrolled as number nº 19.675.774/0001-40 in the National Registry of Legal Entities (“CNPJ”), in the Trade Office of the state of São Paulo, located at room 51, Doutor Martin Luther King Avenue, nº 630,  in the city of Osasco/SP, Zip Code 06.030-003.

PLATAFORM: system consisting of mobile applications and websites, offered by MR ROCCO and owned, operated and responsible by MR ROCCO, where all USERS can view and use the services offered by MR ROCCO.

When we refer to PLATAFORM, it means all mobile applications owned by MR ROCCO, which are: Bible Offline/Biblia Offline/Bíblia JFA Offline; Bible Offline PRO/Bíblia JFA Offline PRO; Bible Reina Valera; Bible King James; Bíblia KJA Offline; Chinese Bible NCV; German Bible; Korean Bible Offline; Korean Bible Offline PRO; Russian Bible; Random Bible; Woman’s Bible/Bíblia JFA da Mulher; Bíblia JFA Offline para Alexa (Amazon).

When we refer to PLATAFORM, it means all webistes owned by MR ROCCO, which are:;;

DATA PROCESSING: Means any operation or set of operations which is performed by MR ROCCO on USER personal data or on sets of USER personal data, whether or not by automated means, such as collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction.

USERS: Person or legal entity that accesses or uses the features available on the PLATAFORM. 


The USERS agree and consent that MR ROCCO collect and uses information collected through the PLATAFORM and processes all this data in accordance with the provisions of this instrument.

In order to ensure clear and precise rules on the operation of the PLATAFORM, MR ROCCO may amend this instrument at any time by publishing a revised version on the PLATAFORM. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you always visit this section of the PLATFORM by reading periodically. But, to contribute to the good relationship, we will also send to the USER email informing about these changes, so it is necessary that the USER has informed his electronic address on the PLATAFORM.

This policy describes:

  1. What data do we collect?
  2. Users’ rights to delete or correct information
  3. How do we use and protect your information?
  4. Processing and international data transferring
  5. In case of doubts you can speak with MR ROCCO
  6. What data do we collect?

– Unique Device ID and Register

When the USER access the PLATAFORM, MR ROCCO collect your Unique Device ID (‘UDID’) and/or your IP address. The information is collected in order to determine the aggregate number of unique devices using the PLATAFORM services, to track total usage, analyze data, and communicate with you more effectively. MR ROCCO combine this information with information from third parties to provide to the USER a better and more personalized experience and to improve the quality of our service.

The USER does not have to register or login to use the PLATAFORM. However, when the USER creates an account, he can access specific Bible text versions and features.

– Mr Rocco Team cookies

When the USER visits the PLATAFORM, MR ROCCO does not use cookies (a cookie is simply a tiny text file containing a string of characters).

MR ROCCO may use cookies to track and store information about the USER’s navigation mode. MR ROCCO will be able to offer services and opportunities in a more personalized way to the USER. In this way, it also makes it possible to offer specific content and advertising for each USER, benefiting the user’s experience on the Internet.

Cookies will be used so that MR ROCCO offers differentiated services, in order to gauge the USER’s browsing habits. When the USER accesses the PLATFORM, MR ROCCO will be able to identify, through Google Analytics software the different forms that the USER accesses and visits the PLATFORM.

The USER will be responsible for informing and registering his e-mail and other pertinent information, in order to receive news recently published by MR ROCCO. This type of content sending or any other form of contact through an electronic address, will only be carried out by providing the necessary data. Once the data has been informed by the USER, MR ROCCO will be authorized to send the respective contents.

– User communications

Personal information or requests that the USER submits through the PLATAFORM will be sent to the MR ROCCO group administrator. The group administrator and/or one of their members will have access to this information. In order to processes the inquiries, respond the requests and improve the PLATAFORM services.

In this way, MR ROCCO‘s right to provide this data and information of the USER, as well as the entire system used in the PLATAFORM, to its team, may be formed by MR ROCCO employees and / or outsourced company, which shall be responsible for administering the security and reliability of the PLATFORM and USER data.

All members of the MR ROCCO team, whether employees or outsourced company, will sign a confidentiality agreement, stating that they are bound to keep under full secrecy all information about USERS, revealed as a result of the use of the PLATAFORM.

– Permissions to access device data and GPS location

MR ROCCO can ask for permission to the USER to access some device information as: (i) photo gallery; (ii) GPS location; (iii) camera; (iv) contacts; (v) device storage. MR ROCCO uses this information to provide a personalized experience in the PLATAFORM. MR ROCCO combines this type of information with information from third parties to provide to the USER a better experience and to improve the quality of the services available. For example, to the USER consults events and churches nearby, the PLATAFORM needs his GPS location. MR ROCCO does not share any USER’s personally identifiable information along with his device identification or location without explicit permission from the USER.

– Third party sites/apps

This Privacy Policy applies only to the PLATAFORM. Therefore, MR ROCCO cannot regulate other sites linked from within our various web sites and services. These other sites may place their own cookies or other files on your computer, collect data or solicit personal information from you. The USER should familiarize with their unique Privacy Policies, when chooses to visit their sites.

  1. Your rights to Deleting and Correcting your information

– Deletion

The USER can ask to MR ROCCO erase or delete all or some of your personal data. Please note that doing so may limit the USER ability to access certain functionalities of the PLATAFORM.

The USER can also delete his/her own information through the account removal button, available on the profile screen within the PLATFORM, according to the LINK.

The USER, when requesting account deletion or deleting his own account, will have all his data permanently and irreversibly deleted from the PLATFORM.

– Correction

The USER can edit some of his personal data storage in the PLATAFORM, including remove account or change name, email address and profile picture according to the LINK, or ask to MR ROCCO change or update his data.

– Object to, or Limit or Restrict use of data

The USER can ask to MR ROCCO stop to process all or some of his personal data (for example, if we have no legal right to keep using it) or to limit MR ROCCO use of it (for example, if his personal data is inaccurate or unlawfully held).

– Right to Access and/or Take Your Data

The USER can ask MR ROCCO for a copy of his personal data provided through the PLATAFORM.

– Right to review automated decisions

The USER can ask to MR ROCCO inform about any form of automated processing of his personal data through the PLATAFORM.

– Right to data portability

The USER can ask to MR ROCCO send a copy of his personal data and may also transmit this data for use in third-party services.

To make these or any other requests regarding his information, the USER can send to MR ROCCO an e-mail to or

The use of the PLATAFORM includes several features: selection of Bible reading plans, bookmarks, highlights of certain portions of scripture, notes, searching the Bible based on a keyword and creating images from certain biblical text. Unless you have included personally identifiable information in content created with this functionality (such as a personal image or address or first and last name), MR ROCCO reserves the right to maintain this information, including inferences made with this information after deletion of an account. For example, while MR ROCCO delete the USER’s email address when his account is deleted, MR ROCCO will maintain and reserve the right to use and share which Bible verses were shared, highlighted, etc. by the USER in a manner that does not identify his personally. MR ROCCO will also retain our aggregate counting number of total applications downloaded which would include the fact of the USER downloading without maintaining personal information associated with that account.

MR ROCCO has no control of information that the USER has shared with others through the PLATAFORM. Therefore, the USER agrees is MR ROCCO has no responsible to delete this information that may continue to be displayed in third parties’ services.

  1. How do we use and protect your information?

When MR ROCCO share statistics about the PLATAFORM audience engagement, the data is analyzed in a way that protects the USER’s privacy. When this information is published, it is only in an aggregated form that does not disclose the USER personally identifiable information. In addition, MR ROCCO implement industry standard security safeguards designed to protect USER’s data. The USER acknowledges that there can be no expectation regarding total internet security against invasion of websites or other irregular acts.

Although MR ROCCO chooses the world’s leading data security service providers, MR ROCCO disclaims liability for any possible hacking or failure of security technologies that may lead to some kind of information disclosure.

MR ROCCO does not share any personally identifiable information with third parties in association with USER’s UDID or register without his explicit permission.

  1. Processing and international data transferring

The PLATAFORM is offered in and from São Paulo, Brazil. Therefore, the use of PLATAFORM and this Privacy Policy is governed by the laws of Brazil and the State of São Paulo. If the USER uses the PLATAFORM from outside Brazil, please be aware that your information may be transferred to, stored, and processed in Brazil where MR ROCCO’s servers are located, and the central database is operated. MR ROCCO process data both inside and outside of Brazil and rely on legally provided mechanisms to lawfully transfer data across borders. This includes contractual commitments between MR ROCCO and companies transferring personal data that require the protection and security of such data. The data protection and other laws of the State of São Paulo, Brazil, and other countries might not be as comprehensive as those in your country. By using the PLATAFORM, the USER consent to his information being transferred to MR ROCCO facilities and to the facilities of those third parties with whom it is shared it, as described in this Privacy Policy.

Thus, USER accept and agree that:

  • The data collected and processed by MR ROCCO through the PLATAFORM will be stored in the servers of outsourced company Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, where the headquarters are outside the country and that can be contacted, respectively, by e-mail: and Furthermore, the storage and processing of data by MR ROCCO will last for as long as the USER‘s registration remains on the PLATAFORM.
  • Any information provided is stored in a database controlled by MR ROCCO.
  • This database may be stored on servers not located in the country where the USER is located or where MR ROCCO is located.
  • The servers are owned and managed by service providers hired by MR ROCCO.

Furthermore, USERS ‘data, listed below, may be shared with third parties for the following purposes:

• Data: email address;

Third parties: SOCIEDADE BIBLICA DO BRASIL – CNPJ 33.579.376 / 0001-51 – contact:;
ASSOCIAÇÃO RELIGIOSA EDITORA MUNDO CRISTÃO – CNPJ 60.663.341 / 0001-79 – contact:; UNITED BIBLE SOCIETIES – UBS (Sociedades Bíblicas en América Latina) – contact:; EDITORA VIDA LTDA – CNPJ 53.535.423 / 0005-04 – contact:; RELIGIOUS SOCIETY EDITIONS VIDA NOVA – CNPJ 61.106.042 / 0001-69
– contact:; BIBLICA INC. (formely Bíblica US, Ins.) – contact:

Purpose: The Third Parties are authorized by the USERS to, via email, share materials and information about its activities and products. The USER understands that his data will not be transferred to the Third Parties, in case he does not access the contents owned or authored by the Third Parties.

That said, for the USER to exercise his rights related to the case, he must send an email to MR ROCCO, pointing out his doubts and / or requirements regarding the sharing of your personal data. MR ROCCO will always do its best to meet USERS ‘requests in the shortest possible time.

Although using computer infrastructure managed by third parties, MR ROCCO does not authorize the use of USER information by the service provider.

MR ROCCO is not authorized to provide the data registered by the USER to third parties, except as provided in this instrument.

It is the exclusive competence of the Justice and legal entities of the Brazilian territory to request, in a reasonable manner, to MR ROCCO, the provision of personal data of the USER that has been proven to violate the Privacy Policies contained in this instrument and the legal provisions applicable to the species, reserving to MR ROCCO in law to provide to Justice and competent legal entities the personal data of the USER, when reasonably required.

This instrument constitutes the entire understanding between USER and MR ROCCO and is governed by Brazilian Laws, being elected the forum of the city of São Paulo -SP, as sole authority to resolve issues arising from this instrument, expressly waiving any other forum, however privileged it may be.

  1. In case of doubts you can speak with MR ROCCO

MR ROCCO is always working on news and updates to better serve its USER. Because of that when MR ROCCO receives a formal written complaint regarding privacy issues, it is MR ROCCO’s policy to contact the complaining USER regarding his concerns. We will cooperate with the appropriate regulatory authorities, including local data protection authorities.

Any questions about the privacy policy can be directed to: